Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions ("Terms") govern your interactions with Pavillion Car Sales Ltd ("Company") concerning vehicle purchases, test drives, and related services. By visiting our premises, arranging a visit, or purchasing a vehicle, you agree to be bound by these Terms, without limitation or qualification. These Terms do not affect your statutory consumer rights.

1. Test Drives

1.1. All test drives must be scheduled in advance.

1.2. A valid UK driving license is mandatory.

1.3. Test drives are restricted to individuals aged 21 and above.

1.4. Solo test drives are not permitted.

2. Vehicle Collection and Viewing

2.1. Vehicles are not available for instant collection unless explicitly stated in writing.

2.2. Adequate preparation time is necessary before collection or viewing.

3. Appointments

3.1. All appointments must be confirmed on the day (Monday-Saturday) via call or email.

3.2. The Company is closed on Sundays.

4. Payment

4.1. Credit cards are not accepted under any circumstances.

4.2. Debit cards are accepted for payments up to £500; amounts beyond this require payment via bank transfer or cash.

4.3. All payments must be cleared in our bank account before releasing any paperwork or vehicles.

5. Reservations and Deposits

5.1. Non-Refundable Deposit
A non-refundable deposit is required to secure the purchase of a vehicle. This deposit is necessary to confirm the buyer's commitment to the purchase and will be deducted from the total purchase price of the vehicle.

5.2. Reservation Fees
5.2.1. Reservation fees operate on a first-come, first-served basis. These fees are intended solely to reserve an appointment to view a vehicle.

5.2.2. All reservation fees are refundable under the conditions specified below:

  • If the buyer decides to proceed with the purchase of the vehicle after viewing it, a 10% non-refundable deposit of the vehicle's purchase price will be required. In this case, the reservation fee will be refunded in full.
  • If the buyer decides not to proceed with the purchase of the vehicle after viewing it, the reservation fee will be refunded in full.

5.3. Validity of Reservation Fee
Any reservation fee paid is valid for a maximum of 3 days from the date of payment. If the purchase is not finalized with a deposit within this period, the reservation will expire, and the fee will be refunded unless the buyer explicitly extends the reservation with the dealership's agreement in writing.

5.4. Cancellation of Reservations
The Company reserves the right to cancel any reservations at any time. In such instances, prior notice will be provided to the buyer. Upon cancellation by the Company, a full refund of the reservation fee will be issued.

6. Price Changes

6.1. The Company reserves the right to change the final price of any vehicle.

6.2. Prices may be altered without notice unless a deposit has been placed.

7. Appointment Cancellations

7.1. The Company reserves the right to cancel any appointments with prior notification.

8. Delivery

8.1. Free delivery on vehicles over £10,000 within 25 miles of our main Brighton site.

8.2. Delivery services are provided by a third party with separate fees.

8.3. The right to reject a vehicle on delivery is retained.

9. Distance Viewing

9.1. Virtual video viewing is recommended for customers traveling from a distance.

10. Extended Warranty

10.1. Various warranty options are available.

10.2. Basic warranty details, covering Engine & Gearbox (£500 limit per claim), are provided on viewings and collections.

11. Test Drives by Appointment Only

11.1. Test drives are conducted strictly on an appointment-only basis.

12. Service History

12.1. Service history details are provided on the website and on collection. The customer is responsible for ensuring they align with their expectations before purchase.

12.2. Customer responsibility for vehicle maintenance post-collection.

13. Ownership Responsibilities

13.1. Registered keepers are responsible for taxation, insurance, activating their free AA breakdown cover, and legal compliance.

13.2. Assistance is available for advice on these matters.

14. Tire/Part Replacement

14.1. Used/part-worn tires/parts may be used unless agreed otherwise in writing.

15. MOT Coverage

15.1. Advisories are not covered on vehicles under £10,000. Unless agreed otherwise in writing.

15.2. Major MOT items are covered; failure results in a full refund and sale cancellation.

16. Accuracy of Advertisements

16.1. Confirm all details with a salesperson, as adverts may be subject to change.

17. Part Exchange / Purchasing Cars

17.1. Kindly be advised that owing to fluctuating market conditions, varying demand, adjustments in our stock portfolio, and other pertinent factors, we cannot guarantee or reserve a part exchange or purchase offer without the payment or acknowledgment of a deposit by either party, along with a mutually agreed-upon price documented in writing. The ultimate price tendered is subject to alteration based on the prevailing market conditions at the time of assessment. The definitive price is determined only subsequent to a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle.

18. Location

18.1. Confirm the location of viewing and/or collection with a salesperson before visiting, as we operate from two different sites. SITE 1: Brighton, New Port St, BN2 3HL & SITE 2: Crawley, Pounhill Pl, RH10 7DZ

Company Information:

  • Name: Pavillion Car Sales Ltd
  • Incorporated on: 17 April 2012
  • Company Number: 08034612
  • VAT: 162564408
  • ICO: ZA569256
  • FCA: