About Us : Shaping Excellence Since 2012

Pavillion Car Sales, where excellence is not a mere standard but a legacy that's been meticulously woven over a decade of dedication to proving quality used cars and customer satisfaction. From our inception in 2012, we've grown into a vibrant family-run dealership, with branches in Brighton, East Sussex & Crawley, West Sussex.

Crafting a Legacy: Going Beyond Expectations Every Step Of The Way

Our aim is to exceed customer expectations throughout the car-buying process. Today, we stand strong as a living testament to the fusion of transparency, passion, and the authentic joy derived from turning our customers' car dreams into realities. With over 150+ 5* reviews across two locations, you can buy your used car with confidence.

Delivering Excellence through Quality, Reliability, Value & Trusted Partnerships

Our commitment to excellence led us to create a carefully curated fleet of used cars that deliver the perfect balance of quality, reliability, and value to all of our customers. This journey also led to a strategic partnership with the AA & Trading Standards, elevating our status to an AA Authorized and Trading Standards-regulated used car dealership.

The Pavillion Experience: 4K Movies with a Family-Like Environment 

In 2012, The Pavillion Car Sales family witnessed the materialization of our dreams as we unveiled our first showroom in the heart of the bustling city of Brighton, East Sussex. This dealership goes beyond the ordinary showroom, transforming the customer experience into a pressure-free, immersive, and friendly buying process. We do this by providing bespoke 4K cinematic experiences to captivating blogs, 

Expanding Horizons: A New Chapter in Crawley, West Sussex

As our story unfolded, the relentless pursuit of providing superior service led us to expand our horizons, opening a second branch in the heart of Crawley, West Sussex, near Gatwick Airport and Three Bridges Station. This expansion is not merely geographical—it's a resounding declaration of our commitment to reaching and serving customers across the UK, ensuring the Award-Winning Pavillion Car Sales experience is accessible to more people. 

Pavillion Today: Unrivaled Quality, Longevity, Satisfaction

We have evolved beyond being just a simple used car dealership; over the past decade, we have become a symbol of longevity, and customer satisfaction with a strong track record of 100s of happy customers. As automotive experts, we are not just facilitating the resale of carefully selected used vehicles but are orchestrating a tailored experience making the car-buying process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Every Vehicle, Every Mile: Unfolding Stories of Excellence

Step into Pavillion Car Sales, where each vehicle isn't merely a mode of transportation but a narrative reflecting our commitment to quality, our dedication to service, and our passion for ensuring your journey finds the perfect vehicle to accompany it. Welcome to a legacy of excellence, At Pavillion Car Sales the used car-buying experience isn't just a mere transaction; it's a masterpiece of passion, perfection, and unparalleled service. Call us on 07442120021 to experience award-winning service now!

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